How the Nunes Memo Exposed the Tribalism in the American Legislature(And the White House)

A few months ago, I attended my very first town hall meeting. How can I begin to describe it? Well, it was flooded with joy, vitriol, anger, fidelity –the works. But, when I stepped through the threshold to the capacious auditorium, my eyes leaping from poster to poster, “Trump this!”, “Trump that!”, only one seemed to truly grasp my attention. Now, can I be honest with you? It’s not that the deep blue of Democrats’ posters didn’t attract me, nor was it a Trump supporter’s oversized cape that didn’t stimulate my thought, “How the heck did security let him in with that thing”, it was the fact that I’d already seen these posters on cable news. They were boring, outdated with their enthusiastic pro, or their emphatic con, and mostly they were counterproductive to the town hall environment. But one stood out, “Congress, you work for us.” Conceptually this was, and is, accurate, but can this notion of democracy truly be applied to 2018?

If you’ve been scrolling through your Facebook feed in the past days, or have caught a glimpse of your favorite journalist on cable news, you’ve probably heard about the so-called, “Nunes Memo.” After days of anger, controversy on Capitol Hill, U.S. President Donald Trump paved way for the publishing of this GOP-spearheaded memo, a report crafted by Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Devin Nunes(R-CA). The report, which faced criticism from both sides of the political aisle –  even the FBI –  detailed that, both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee hired Fusion GPS, a research opposition firm who relayed the intelligence gathering to the author of the blistering “Trump dossier”, former British Intelligence officer, Christopher Steele. The premise of this document, however, is the blanket allegation of the FBI’s abuse of power, a political scheme by Clinton and the Democrats, where through the unravelling of the aforementioned dossier the FBI prompted to assist with the issuing of a FISA warrant, resulting in the surveillance of informal Trump advisor Carter Page. Wow, that was a mouthful, I hope you weren’t reading it out loud. You could be called a Democrat, a Republican, or worse –a Russian! But, I digress.

On Saturday, just hours after the released memo made international headlines, the President of the United States tweeted this: “This memo totally vindicates “Trump” in probe. But the Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on. There was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead). This is an American disgrace!” What the President didn’t realize, however, is that his declassification of this highly sensitive memo, with cautioned word from the FBI Director Christopher Wray, was disgraceful in, in of itself. The fact is that the FBI’s Investigation into alleged “Russian Collusion”, which many prominent Democrats, such as Senator Dianne Feinstein(D-CA) and Alan Dershowitz have decried for lack of evidence, is still proliferating throughout the many halls of the J. Edgar Hoover building. The exclusive releasing of this memo clearly exhibits Mr. Trump’s priorities to dismantle the FBI’s prerogative into this controversial probe. Moreover, President Trump directly contradicted his constant cries for the protection of law enforcement, since he utilizes his Congressional pawns to release information, which he unapologetically knows could jeopardize America’s highest-ranking law enforcement agency. Time and time again, President Trump boasts of his sole allegiance to ‘the little man’, yet disposes of his dignity when judicial force hits close to home.

The House Intelligence Committee, particularly the Republican majority, should also feel ashamed of themselves. Appeasing the President through the release of cherry-picked, highly sensitive information is disappointing. It truly seems as though devotion to their districts’ constituents is on the low end of the spectrum. Nunes and his team have not only provided information to terrorists who wish to threaten this nation’s security through the use of clandestine methods, but have set an ominous precedent to foreign allies, with a message of “Everything is up for grabs.”

All I’m saying is this: Democrats and Republicans must halt their partisan bickering and their tribal protectionism, taxing their colleagues’ proposals, as if it isn’t their own. It seems as though their identities trump their faithfulness to the United States’ constitution and its citizens, poisoning their agendas with de facto friendships, directly resulting in a hindering of their congressional capabilities. Midterms are coming, and the party who systematically pushes the American agenda for the citizenry will dominate the 116th Congress of the United States.

Nunes and Schiff Picture

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Farewell to 2017; A Candid Welcome for 2018

Hello Everyone,

As the clock is ticking towards the year of the dog(If any of you are Chinese zodiac fanatics), I would like to bring all of you a few of my thoughts, hopes, and prayers for the year to come.

One word has truly conceptualized 2017: Unbelievable. No, Katy Tur, this isn’t me plagiarizing the title of your book; But, seriously. Here in the United States and around the world, we have seen the very quintessence of society: Societal Charity in moments of distress, hours after Hurricane Harvey brought its worst to the Texas Coast. The very best of the human condition. We’ve also witnessed the the heart-wrenching, barbaric moment in time, when the North Korean Government plagued the very worst on society: The torture of beloved University student, Otto Warmbier.

So these events, moments in our life when we stop to think, critically peruse through the times, it is very much apparent that we still have work to do. Whether it be the crisis in the middle east, a complicated parley with both sides dawned with critical decisions for humanity, or the #MeToo movement, which is shining a light on the taboo topic of sexual harassment, it is paramount that we maintain the courage to listen, to thoughtfully connect with our fellow human beings.

With listening, however, we bear a great deal of responsibility, as well. As humans, we often hold preconceptions, notions which tend to deceive us, and hamper our mental processes, in concert with our social relationships. Listen, let the other person finish, afford them the benefit of the doubt, and only after, offer your perception. Our politically-polarized environment might stymie this effort, but do not allow your individuality, your singular interpretation, to be taken away from you.

But even with my hope for a bit of politeness(At this point I’m starting to sound like your grandmother. Oh, how writing splashes a bit of reality!), don’t forget to engage- be outspoken, and assert yourself, along with your beliefs. Ask tough questions, especially to those who are unwilling to answer.

As I am preparing to wrap up this article (I promise, I will not ramble on much longer), I would like to wish all of my readers: Those who I’ve shared my ideas with, the people who’ve offered continuous support before and after my interviews, and the people who’ve fully indulged in my mathematical excellency, (you were the first group of people who read my articles) a warm, delightful welcome into the next year. It is truly an honor to be able to give you my take on U.S. Politics, hopefully providing you with a new perspective.

Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!

I’m Terry Ayzman, this is Tea with Terry.

Tea Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this message finds you well, as we approach a chilly beginning to Holiday Season 2017! I would like to announce that I have been invited to the amazing, Forthwrite Magazine, as a contributor,  in which my first article titled, “Perspective: How Trump’s Embassy Move Benefited International Peace Consensus” is already published! The link to this article is

I am honored to be a part of this tremendous publication, and I look forward to representing the phenomenal Forthwrite brand.

I hope that all of you have a joy-filled holiday season! More Tea comes out, soon!

Terry Ayzman

Congressional Democratic Fallout: Why Mention of ‘Pocahontas’ Is Insignificant

“You are very, very special people, you were here long before any of us were here, although we have a representative in Congress, who they say was here a long time ago, they call her ‘Pocahontas’”. These remarks were made by the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, just yesterday, as he was participating in a ceremonial welcome for Navajo Indian Code Talkers. As many of you know, moments after the President made these stunning comments about Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren(D-MA), numerous individuals were outraged over the racial slur, which the President utilized, especially as he was standing directly in front of President Andrew Jackson, a President who ravaged Native American lands and created the dreadful “Trail of Tears”. Although I believe that this story deserves attention, especially because the person using this lexicon was the President of the United States, I’m here to tell you that this was perhaps the least interesting, and the most inconsequential story of the week. Here’s how:


As mothers and fathers were waking their children on Monday morning, as their coffee was brewing, while the robins were tweeting, there were two individuals in Washington fighting over who would be the Director of an erroneous federal agency.

(Credits: CNN)


When President Trump tapped Mick Mulvaney, the often-unseen Director of the Office of Management and Budget, as the now interim Director of the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, fireworks erupted in the watchdog agency with contradicting emails sent by Mulvaney and the “Dodd-Frank Director”, Leandra English.


Just attempt to picture two people brawling over whose golden placard will stick to the door of a physical office-  an unprecedented image of Washington 2.0. In addition, Mulvaney, who understood that he needed to gain trust of the baffled employees, was seen taking some “Dunkin’” to the office, in an effort to suppress the Obama-Era leader. Well, sometimes it’s hard to disengage with someone with delicious doughnuts! Yet it is important to understand that the vicious pursuance of office by English, is nothing more than a Warren-Schumer effort to block the Trump Administration from utilizing their executive responsibilities. This undertaking by Congressional Democrats stems from their plan to enable oversight on Wall Street, and keep corporations and banks responsible for fiscal exchange with consumers. However, this agency is in complete contradiction to oversight, as this is perhaps the opaquest agency that has ever existed in Washington. Not only does the Consumer Watchdog Agency compose their own budget, which is not subject to Congressional approval, and therefore oversight, all and any investigations which they conduct, are muddy and not transparent. Let’s face it- English is nothing but a puppet for individuals such as Senator Warren, who falsified her application to Harvard University, claiming to be a historical minority- Native American. For a Senator who cries racism at every remark made by the opposing party, one would think that a person who uses a minority group as a pretext for the gaining of tenure in Harvard, is herself a racist individual. No standard of human dignity is changed for one party or the other- criticism must be warranted to all who consciously make the decision to use a sentiment of discrimination for a production of one’s career.


But if we choose to discuss actions tonight, let’s not forget the statement of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. After mounting sexual harassment allegations surfaced against multiple powerful men in news, entertainment, and in the American legislature, Rep. Pelosi went onto MSNBC’s “Meet the Press” and told Chuck Todd that Rep. John Conyers(D-MI) is an “icon”, which is very well what he might be, and discussed the importance of “due process”. I agree with the latter stipulation- the accused must enjoy the constitutional right of “due process”, however, it is paramount to note that others have not received such a ‘gift’. Another Democratic Senator, Al Franken(D-MN), who was also smothered by allegations of sexual assault has been quiet, and easily so. If you’ve noticed, in the few weeks that have passed, since the United States has learned about the Senator’s malfeasances, congressional Democrats have kept mum.


What I am essentially asserting is this: Americans are exhausted with the double standard of the Democrats. It is simply inexplicable, as to why the Democrats who represent us, can create wrongdoing, yet not be held liable.


The Pelosi’s and Schumer’s, who so uncaringly, occupy the walls of Capitol Hill must work for ALL Americans, and dispose of their double standards and moral corruption at the door. The standard of morality, correctness, and truth should never be altered to suit one group of people or another.



I’m Terry Ayzman, and This is Tea with Terry



Sexual Assault Diminished: How Political Hogwash Isolates Victims

Sexual Assault. We have seen these two words take center stage, over the past weeks. And we did do something, but the mere action of something perpetuated nothing. Here’s how:

On October 5th, a New York Times story titled “Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades” dominated the media, and ultimately the national conversation. It was major breaking news, and at least 30 women have come forward telling various outlets that the disturbed man was at the center of their thoughts and their traumas. But after this important conversation began to cross paths of family dinners, it crossed another red line, one that it never should have crossed: politics. Days after the Weinstein story broke, when many of his accusers started coming forward to tell their horrific story, the media indulged in a discussion regarding Mr. Weinstein’s political contributions. We learned that Harvey Weinstein was a major donor to the Democratic party, even donating $20,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, since she ran for U.S. Senate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. This was a problem, since in the midst of a disturbing story, which included allegations of rape, we were outraged over political contributions. But this didn’t even get to the meat of the real evil. Yes, Harvey Weinstein is a disturbed individual who does not deserve to lounge in a rehabilitation clinic, but deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars. But the real issue was more than just about Weinstein’s heinous actions, they were about the diminishing actions of women to other women. These actions include the usage of the very serious issue of sexual assault as a pretext for gain, whether such gain is financial or not. Such an example includes an allegation that was made against former President George Bush, the elder. An actress who he hosted at an event with, posted a picture with the former President alleging sexual assault and added that he told her a “dirty joke” while touching her inappropriately, all while the former First Lady Barbara Bush ‘rolled her eyes’. She later deleted that social media post, after Mr. Bush’s spokesperson released a statement to the New York Daily News. Yet after an event, such as this one takes place, namely the accusation of any individual of such a wicked malfeasance, the question poses: Why rescind the accusation, if said accusation holds a substantial value of truth? The main purpose of having an international conversation, the reason why women and men talk about their stories of victimization, is rooted from the cause of gender equity and empowerment. However, when people such as the actress that I am speaking of wishes to release such a statement and then rescind it, the question begs: Isn’t that why women and men are afraid of coming forward in the first place, because of individuals who choose to exploit it in such a manner of gross negligence of sexual harassment? Moreover, isn’t it detrimental to society as a whole when we choose to use alleged victims of sexual assault as puppets just to be politically correct, through an avenue of grave disturbance, sexual abuse? What I mean is this: There are moments in our country, when an issue becomes of such civic importance, that certain entities choose to dispose the notion of justice, namely the justice system that was established through the notion of ‘presuming innocence before guilt’. If I am not mistaken, are not the accused stripped of their careers when accused, yet not convicted? Have we chosen to convict the accused, whose accuser chose their alleged crime as a pretext for an ulterior motive, before they even get to address the allegations. Why are we throwing the accused in jail and tossing the key before addressing the alleged malfeasance in a court of law, not a board comprised of professors or executives who must peacock of political correctness? Wasn’t our country founded on the notion of “equal justice under law”, not “fairness” that entails disconcerting motives?


The fact is simple: If we would like to promote gender equity and raise the topic of empowering women and men in the workplace, it starts with us. Once we make the discussion political, but more importantly, politically correct, it distorts the notion of empowerment, and that is when our nation falls into a state of great peril.



I’m Terry Ayzman, and this is Tea with Terry.



‘I’m Depressed’: The Two Words that Dominate America’s Cultural Infection

The American Infection. I know what you’re thinking, ‘We know that there are certain diseases that harbor the lives of Americans everyday’, but this article isn’t quite that. The infection? The American welcoming of a socio-culturally infested, and theatric citizenry. A couple of days ago, as it so happens that this phenomenon took place in the center of our educational realm, we were reviewing material in preparation for a forthcoming exam. As soon as we began the review, a student exclaimed, “I’m Scared”. Now, I don’t wish to psychoanalyze or play “arm-chair psychologist” but this is really something fascinating, yet ominous. Over the twelve years now that I have acquainted myself with Los Angeles schools, and their respective pupils, I was constantly experiencing these behaviors or words; I remembered at that moment that I’ve heard that phrase somewhere before, perhaps a hallway, or during a lunch period. As I was riding home that day, I began to remember from where this phrase emerged from and then I recalled that I was not at all far from its origin: Society. If you have ever entered a classroom before, possibly a room in which a test is about to begin, no matter how simple or difficult, you always seemed to hear a student say, ‘I’m X’ or ‘I’m so X’. One student was always depressed, another was always on the verge of tears by manifesting in the thought of failing a test, and the person on your left always seemed to manufacture a compelling argument for regurgitating last night’s dinner. And then I had thought to myself: Why? Seemed like the million-dollar question, one that was probably barricaded behind thousands of articles on university databases written by sociologists with thick-framed glasses, but the answer was near and distinct. As a country, but more specifically a society, we are responsible for sculpting a social fabric that will suit our particular needs, that will allow for a birthing of a nation that will supplement the necessities of the state as a whole. But this was not what I was seeing in-fact, I only paid attention because I contemplated it. To most, these thoughts never come to mind because of this notion of ‘stupidity’ being deeply embedded in our society, unseen and unheard in our daily life. I’m telling you this story because it is critical to understanding culture, social dynamics, and even my favorite topic, politics. I do not write to undermine real depression or authentic suffering, in-fact, my telling of this distorted and damaged fabric illuminates real depression and genuine devastation. We have created a society that believes in optics and theatrics, perhaps it’s because of our proximity to Hollywood’s beloved “Walk of Fame”. We have manufactured ‘fake ambitions’ and ‘lousy truths’ because the construct that we have created does not focus on individual productivity; doesn’t even focus on common progression, yet it harnesses the force of attention-seeking, counterproductive behavior. It’s devastating that many students now, and even the general public, are already certain of their destinies before they have even begun on their respective journeys. This “sheltered”, theatrical thinking paves way for societal illness. It carves Americans’ trajectories with a sharp knife, that destroys the arteries of their beliefs, their core values, and their wallets. Society, as a whole, must rise and send a stark message to these individuals that display these optics. These people who balk at the slightest discomfort only show to the world that America is a country of complainers and moaners. That the American public can be exploited on a single ruse, as long as its social fabric exhibits the words “It’s Okay”. These two words that are used superfluously dilute the minds of Americans and show that our society is nothing but people that just want their coffees and their “lunch breaks”. Our educational system must discourage these behaviors aggressively because promoting this behavior by acquiescing to it is simply disparaging and disheartening. Our educators and educational institutions must rise up and denounce such behavior, such as when a pupil asserts that they are depressed without truth pertaining to such claims. They have no idea what true clinical depression is nor should they ever. But someone right now, sitting behind their ten thousand-dollar desk is only benefitting from this ordeal. They are rejoicing with continuous glee, and indulging in this social obstacle of productivity. I do not know who, but there is certainly an ill-fitted soul in this world with a mission to disintegrate America’s public. I’ll end this article here with some food for thought; every reader should create a personal conclusion for this, I have my own perspective and I won’t obscure yours.

I would also like to address the Las Vegas Massacre tonight. What occurred a few nights ago is the greatest definition of the very worst of the human condition, the hatred, the anger, and the slaying of countless, innocent lives. It has also combined the best of what the human spirit offers, love and compassion. I send my thoughts and prayers to all of the victims, their families, and the first responders. These courageous individuals, faced with chaos and heartbreak, the ones who helped one another escape and the ones who extended their hands to the injured, you are the true heroes of this devastation. America will always continue to bear the values of bravery, solace, gratitude, and love.


I’m Terry Ayzman, this is Tea with Terry.

The Failure of the Educational System, the Rise of Lectures and Chanters

It was 7:45 that morning, when I was running late to school as always; I place blame on the quartet of phenomenal journalists that gather my astonishment every morning, John Berman, Poppy Harlow, Shannon Bream, and Bill Hemmer, from CNN and Fox News, respectively. I stepped through the threshold of the class, narrowly missing someone’s Starbucks ‘Frappuccino’, which if I did not maneuver correctly would unsightly drop, and well… let’s just not address such a frivolous matter. In class that morning, the topic was the Constitution of the United States, and as school always does, pen had to be put to paper, along with it. As I sat in the rather uncomfortable chair (When’s a better time to call an ACLU attorney?), a student decided to ask me a question, the inquiry that would let my mind wander for the duration of that morning, and for mind-boggling reasons. The question: “Terry, which amendment is the one about freedom of expression.”  At first, it sounded like a seemingly innocent, legitimate question, the student simply did not know, and it took a few moments for my mental state to correspond with my physical shock-and-awe. I, of course, answered charitably, as I would have to any other question, and at this moment, sitting in the most divisive, unprecedented time in the modern political bandwagon, I realized the real issue: It wasn’t that this pupil was not versed on the most cardinal principle of the nation, well it was, but the fact that the question was asked itself, pointed to the larger issue that conceptualizes the state of our union. I know what you are thinking right now, this was one student, so what if one person did not understand a notion so foundational. Well, it is not, and I place blame on none other, then the neglecting, and bureaucratic, systematic mishap of abuse that takes place in our classrooms, one that has failed students miserably, and has presumably rejoiced in the keeping of an uneducated citizenry. Our educational system is at the brink of collapse, but this probably is not breaking news to you, if you have ever sent yourself or your child to an American Public School. Ever since the first grade, American children are programmed to apply their motor functions to an array of capabilities: Define, “Explain”, and select a letter from the four choices, but “C” is undoubtedly the most accurate choice! A national deficit of the sorts has taken aim at the most foundational, and rooted notion of this America, a country that was founded not on bureaucratic means, but on self- examination and a pursuance of the better. The colonists escaped the so-called brutality of royal England, and had used a singular cognitive approach to their strategy in doing so, the now abandoned, left-behind concept of critical thought. As education progresses through the journey of technological adaptation, students have now discarded the ability to think critically, bringing us into an unprecedented state of peril. If you have ever stepped foot into an average American classroom, as a discussion of sorts ensues, you encounter the blight fact of a minority of students discussing, and the others either scrolling through their Facebook feeds, or saying the four words “I don’t get it.” But who cares? We the People! If you invest time and other commodities in birthing an uneducated, uninterested society, you consent to an uninformed, disposable vote at the ballot box. You have a country, in which people lecture and raise posters and signs, yet have no understanding into why they support the cause, or, what that cause, or proposition, or policy will affect or activate. Evidence of these mindless individuals can be discovered on a daily basis; even when the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi encountered her angry supporters, after she and the U.S. President convened at the People’s House, and had reached an unspecified, and an obscured deal. According to The Wall Street Journal, dozens of her angry supporters leapt onto the stage and chanted, “we are not a bargaining chip” and “all of us or none of us”, in which the root happens to stem from an American Public that is mentally isolated from the dynamic, and the clock-work of the political arena. As the Wall Street Journal’s, “Review & Outlook” section read today, “ These days, no good comprise goes unpunished.”

Why Harvey Is Bridging America’s Gap, Not Destroying It

In one of the most terrifying, and devastating events in America’s recent past, Hurricane Harvey is slowly being crumbled by the resilient and vigilant citizenry of the Lone Star State. About one week ago, Hurricane Harvey washed up on the Texas coast, vowing to destroy homes, businesses, and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Texans that were gearing up to defeat it; Harvey didn’t know what it was up against, Love and American might. Hours after Harvey ravaged Texas, and left over 50 inches of rain, FEMA, the Governor of Texas, and other officials poured out the resources and necessities that would help thousands of devastated Texans. According to CNBC, “more than 103,000 individuals and households have been approved for FEMA assistance worth more than $66.4 million” after President Donald Trump signed a “Disaster Declaration” so that his administration and the federal government can work hand-in-hand to provide more financial resources to relief the Hurricane’s victims. Given this, I think that officials- local, state, and federal, including the President of the United States have done a phenomenal job in addressing this issue of great importance, a vastly better job than addressing other national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in the past, particularly with financial support. But this article will not be fixed around government agencies, even though they are paramount in relief efforts; I want to shine a light on the great people of Texas and beyond. After the U.S. Coast Guard was deployed to help with rescue efforts, Texans quickly realized that this was not enough- and what happened after that realization brings me to my forthcoming sentiment. Love spurred out from the chambers of the hearts of both, Texans and the residents of Louisiana, as they deployed themselves along with their big trucks, boats of all sizes- canoes were even being used, in a way that was colorblind and perpetuated that the human condition, especially in times of great distress, is filled with compassion and an acceptance of one another. The Cajun Army, a group of honorary women and men, knocked on the doors of their neighbors, and used their own resources, amid having their own families and their own predicaments, to help save lives of their fellow humans, so that at least they would not face the even greater hardship, as some other’s plights included losing members of their own family. What is more-so igniting, is the fact that these people are utterly colorblind; no matter on their ethnicity, their religion, and their political affiliation- everyone smothered by the catastrophe was warranted support and most importantly, hope. This is the simple reason to my sentiment, Americans at this time have realized one important factor to our national bind- they are more alike than different. Months after the disaster has fully been dealt with, but hopefully weeks, Americans will encounter the same kerfuffle that they have been dealing with for months now, politics. And what is essential for us to acknowledge is this: We are all fighting the same fight, the American fight. Whether we are trying to mend our tax code, the healthcare crisis, and the ever-growing issue with our nation’s infrastructure, we are all hurrying to create a smoother, more palatable future for our children. The Harvey crisis, that is whirling crushed as I am writing this, is just the beginning. From the Appalachia Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, it is essential for Americans to heed the words, of who happens to be the President of the United States, “We all bleed the same red blood as Americans”, and that is certainly true.


I’m Terry Ayzman, this is Tea with Terry

All The President’s Men- How Their Abrupt Departures Could Signal Presidential Doom

tea picture

(Credit: CNN/ Getty Pictures)

President Donald Trump has just finished his most contentious, controversial, and as some would call it, demoralizing, weeks in the Oval Office, ending with a scandalous hullabaloo of his strategy in addressing the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville, VA, topped off with (Not Trump’s Two Ice-Cream Scoops) an ousting of one of the closest advisers of the businessman, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The tumultuous week, which had a rather sharp start begun by readdressing the quiet town’s racist attacks, with the President of the United States equating the Neo-Nazis and the counter-protestors by saying that the fault of the clashes and the death of a protestor is the fault and burden “on many sides”. Later that week, Mr. Trump took on a presser and had vehemently pushed the idea to the press corps, that in the midst of all the hate and divisiveness that our nation’s leaders have been pursuing the extinguishing off for decades, there were really some “nice people” there. In light of these statements by the President, members of Congress, on both sides of the isle, had made public statements condemning the hate, and even warranted the Joint-Chiefs, who’s precedent holds political-neutrality incumbent upon them, had released statements curtailing the presence of the divisive aura and doubling-down on the condemnation on the bigotry. But to refresh your memory, let’s not let pass-over the confounding factors that have curated what I’m about to perpetuate next. Over the past few weeks, Mr. Trump has publicly humiliated his Attorney General, shamed GOP Leader Mitch McConnell over the leader’s comments on Mr. Trump’s muddy vision of the “democratic process”, and had started a war of the words with one of the most unstable, much debated “cunning” leaders of the “intraworld”, Kim Jong Un. The rhetoric escalated so quickly, with the Trump Administration, particularly Mr. Trump, attempting to abandon the technique of strategic patience and responding with a sentiment of “locked and loaded”, which left the U.S. Territory of Guam in political crosshairs. At this time, however, the tensions have since de-escalated but could soon rise up because of the scheduled US-South Korean joint military exercises. Even in the midst of all of this, the variety of newly-manufactured issues that the nation is battling, it is essential to recognize the center of these political uproars. Since January 20th, Mr. Trump has had, as many experts and analysts have discussed, one of the most sought after West Wing teams, that any administration could ever look for, but the picture above obviously detests the notion. The intimate “huddle” that is shown above, which is during a phone call with the now-infamous President Putin, shows that none of “The President’s Men” are no longer with him, well except Vice President Pence. Many of them, “Fired” or “Resigned”, which in itself can stir up an hour of conversation, had most-likely fled the West Wing on differential merits. The central one? The President still has a New-York businessman, cosmopolitan mind-set of the sorts. And this is the precise reason of a shaken-up White House; even the advisers that have the President’s ear have evaded the Trump administration. Here are my thoughts about the President’s possibly worst month in office: Mr. Trump must do his job. Releasing fiery rhetoric against people, such as members of Congress, is not only not presidential (Scratch that- “Presidential” is not on the Trumpian agenda) it is wholly counterproductive. When the Commander-in-Chief decides not to lead eloquently and logically, but decides to bash the Republican agenda and shame the senators into a botched legislative procedure, that in-effect halts it. It is also paramount for the President and the Secretary of State to create a comprehensive, strategic, yet stringent plan for dealing with the DPRK, it is essential for his administration to understand that Kim’s nuclear arsenal is a tympanic insurance policy, not substantive but rhetorical. Mr. Trump must let-down his New York persona, get to work, and start respecting the allies that he must join together with to work on all of his signature proposals to the nation. To finish off with a topic that elates you to your highest spirits- North Korea, respect your enemies- our strategic doubling-down can only root from clear logic, not from 6 A.M. tweets that end in exclamation marks!


I’m Terry Ayzman, this is Tea with Terry.


Tea Update

Hello Everyone,

I am very proud to announce that I have joined the wonderful team at the Valley News Group, as Staff Writer. I have covered my first story for ” The Valley Vantage” and you may indulge by heading to and looking for the title “LAUSD School Demolition Sparks Community Concern”. I have also partaken in some R&R just before the new school year but now I’m back and ready to cover the breaking and passion igniting stories in the United States and Around the World. More Tea comes out tomorrow!

I’m Terry Ayzman, This is Tea with Terry